The Green Beginnings
Unique Experiential-Based Classroom Assignment

As peoples desires to live healthier lives coupled with a heightened awareness of environmental issues permeate our global conscious, new technologies to protect and conserve our natural resources are being introduced throughout the world with health and conservation at the forefront. Buildings, including the homes we live in, consume more energy and are among the leading causes of the environmental problems that threaten the planet today. Clearly, what we have built and how we have been living up until now just isn't working anymore.

As change begins at home, we have developed an experiential-based curriculum that uses the model and true story of planning and building a green home as an enlightening learning experience for students and professionals alike. Green homes enhance our quality of life by providing numerous health and economic benefits for their occupants and the communities in which they are built as they conserve and protect natural resources by design.

The Green Beginnings Green Homes Curriculum provides students a unique opportunity to learn about the new technologies and methodology that are at the forefront of a changing world and to begin to understand how both industry and consumers are adapting to change as they prepare to enter the new world workforce of new green jobs. The adjunct nature and universal relevance of this special curriculum allows educators to introduce the assignment into class schedules at anytime during a semester, and the numerous disciplines included in the content posture the assignment ideally for a stimulating discussion forum.

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