Why Realtors Need To Know About Green Homes

By Avrim Topel
Author and Delaware Realtor since 1972

Realtors have a very real need to learn about green homes, and it has nothing to do with whether or not you will be listing, selling, or building green anytime soon. Chances are, most won't. As real estate professionals, we are expected to have superior knowledge in matters involving homes, plain and simple.

Energy efficiency has become one of the primary concerns Buyers weigh in on when making decisions, and to date Realtors have been able to recommend various contractors to address these issues. But with the advent of green homes, particularly the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED For Homes benchmark criteria for health and energy efficient buildings, the rules have changed.

Today, with new real estate tax reductions, discounted green mortgages and insurance policies, state and federal grants, incentives and tax credits for "greening" existing properties coupled with people's desires to live healthier lives and conserve and protect the environment, the rules have changed. Buyers and Sellers are learning about energy efficient healthier homes daily on venues like HGTV, Planet Green TV, the Internet and the nightly news, and Realtors must understand the basic concepts behind green homes in order to provide superior service and retain customers.

The good news is that understanding green homes is not rocket science. However, green homes are probably not what you think they are either. The key to understanding green homes is to understand them in their entirety. Green homes are all about relationships, and how various systems and products work together to produce a new way of living. Our real-life story shares what you really need to know.

While over 12,000 Realtors have become certified green Realtors in the past 22 months, for those who are not ready to make the commitment of getting certified just yet, our book and DVD provide an easy way for you to get familiar with green homes at your own time and pace.

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